We offer comprehensive tax, business, and accounting consultation services in the UAE, with a guaranteed outcome and a commitment to your business’s success.

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Elena Varyukhina, CEO.

Consultant-methodologist with more than 15 years of experience
A full range of business solutions in the UAE
In business since 2016
We guarantee 100% performance of the contract
Branches in Moscow and Dubai
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Business support and consulting
Consultations on choosing bank accounts
Cost from 700$
Optional business support:
  • Audit
  • Product Registration
  • Product Certification
  • Company liquidation
Consultations on choosing a location for a business
Registration and renewal of licences
Opening of bank accounts
Cost from 500$
Daily transactions
Monthly accounting reports:
  • Sales report
  • Cash flow report
  • Bank Accounts Reconciliation
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
VAT Registration. VAT declaration.
Income Tax Registration
Outsourcing of tax accounting at the company's tariffs
Consultation on corporate tax in UAE
Company registration for UAE corporate tax (WHT) and UAE VAT (VAT)
Consultation on VAT taxation (VAT)
Consultancy in the field of international taxation and planning
Checking a company's compliance with UAE tax laws
Obtaining tax residency certificates
Cost from 500$
HR support and payroll
Identification and assessment of tax risks
Cost from 500$
Employer Registration on GPSSA
Advice on the application of social security
Registration with MOHRE
WPS registration and reporting
Drawing up employee-employer agreements
Payroll Calculation
The UAE regulatory compliance
ESR compliance advice
ESR Registration and Reporting
UBO Reporting
Cost from 700$
IT support
Supply of accounting and tax accounting solutions
Customisation of software products for accounting and tax accounting purposes
Training in accounting and tax accounting
Automation of business processes on a turnkey basis
Lease of accounting systems
Valuation of the company's tangible assets
Cost from 200$
Cost from 900$
Valuation of company assets
Advice on valuation of the company's assets
Fair value measurement for IFRS purposes
AML Compliance Advisory Services
If a company fails to provide proper tax and accounting support, the following sanctions and issues may arise:
  • Tax Risks
    Inadequate tax expertise can increase tax risks related to late tax registration, tax reporting delays, and incorrect tax reporting, potentially leading to punitive sanctions.
  • Audit Problems
    Incorrect accounting and tax violations can result in unfavorable audit opinions and raise the risk of additional interactions with tax authorities.
  • Legal Consequences
    Non-compliance with financial and tax regulations can lead to significant administrative penalties and fines.
  • Customer Loss
    Failure to meet clients' and partners' financial reporting and tax requirements may lead to the loss of customer base and business opportunities.
  • Missed Opportunities
    Without proper tax optimization and accurate financial accounting, a company may miss opportunities to reduce tax expenses and increase profits.
  • Penalties
    Failure to adhere to accounting and financial reporting rules can result in substantial fines.
By turning to Eagle Eye Accountancy & Bookkeeping, you’ll receive expert support in international taxation and accounting. This will help reduce tax risks, minimize the likelihood of fines and penalties, optimize financial processes, and allow you to focus on growing your business, knowing that your finances and taxes are in the capable hands of professionals.
In the event that you incur fines due to our services, we will cover them in full! In the past 5 475 days such situations have not arisen.
Eagle Eye Accountancy & Bookkeeping is an international consulting company specializing in accounting, taxation, and business advisory services.
For over 15 years, we have been providing comprehensive business support, focused on fostering long-term partnerships and delivering maximum results for our clients.
We consistently strive for excellence in the services we offer and our interactions with clients. We employ cutting-edge technologies and methods to ensure our clients avoid any legal complexities or fines.
Our team is represented by professionals in their field who do not stop in their development
Elena Varyukhina
Consulting expert in the field of international tax planning, international financial reporting and international business structuring
Experience over 15 years
English-speaking specialist
Specialist in accounting and reporting
Experience of more than 2 years
Karolina Loseva
English-speaking specialist
Experience of more than 10 years
English-speaking specialist
Accounting and Payroll Specialist
Experience of more than 8 years
English- and Arabic-speaking specialist
Elena Belokurova
Taxation Specialist
Amit Prasat

How We Provide Our Services

Service Guarantees
High-Quality Communication
Personalized Approach
When partnering with us and our associates, you can rest assured about service quality and legal reliability. We ensure the seamless operation of your business in the UAE, taking care of all necessary procedures and formalities for your successful financial activities.
We guarantee a high level of communication throughout the entire process, ensuring you are always informed about task progress and able to share your preferences.
We take responsibility for preparing and submitting accompanied accounting, reporting forms, and documents to regulatory authorities.
Why Choose Us?
Account Opening Guarantee: Personal and corporate accounts.
One-Stop Principle: No need to run around or search for intermediaries.
Assistance with Permits and Certificates in the UAE.
VIP Assistance Available: Including airport meet and greet, transfers, and apartment accommodation control.
Transparent Terms: Official contracts with clear terms, milestones, and payment structures.
Direct Engagement with Government Authorities: We work directly, without intermediaries.
Business Guidance: Expert advice on conducting business in the UAE, including insights on risks and challenges.
Data Confidentiality Assurance.
Collaboration with Top UAE Banks.




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