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Tax accounting for CIT purposes is required for running a business in the UAE from 1 June 2023 and is formed on the basis of adjustments to accounting data.
Over 15 years of expertise in these fields.
Consultant and Methodologist in International Tax Planning, International Financial Reporting, and International Business Structuring.
Elena Varyukhina, CEO
If the company fails to provide proper tax and accounting support, the following penalties and problems may arise:
  • Tax risks
    Lack of tax due diligence will increase tax risks associated with late tax registration and tax reporting, as well as the composition of tax returns, which may lead the company to penalties.
  • Problems with audits
    Improper accounting and tax irregularities may cause negative audit opinions and increase additional interaction with tax authorities.
  • Legal consequences
    Failure to comply with legal requirements in the area of finance and taxation may result in administrative liability and large fines.
  • Missed opportunities
    Without legitimate tax optimisation and proper financial accounting, a company may miss opportunities to reduce tax costs and increase profits.
  • Loss of clients
    Failure to meet the financial reporting and tax requirements of clients and partners can result in the loss of customer base and business opportunities.
  • Penalties
    Failure to comply with books and records regulations can result in large fines.
The alternative solution for small and medium-sized businesses may be to outsource tax support.

Our company provides a full cycle of tax services for companies from registration to reporting. All specialists of the company correspond to the level of education and profile of accounting services in the UAE.
With Eagle Eye Accountancy & Bookkeeping, you will receive expert support on international tax and bookkeeping issues, reduce your tax risks, reduce the likelihood of fines and penalties, optimise your financial processes and be able to focus on growing your business, knowing that your finances and taxes are in safe hands of professionals.
In case you receive a fine because of us we will pay it in full! There have been no such situations in the last 5,475 days.

Why Choose Us?

Guarantee of quality accounting services.
One-Stop Principle: No need to run around or search for intermediaries.
Extensive practical experience in the field of taxation.
We advise on doing business in the UAE, tell you about all the risks and pitfalls.
We will not overlook significant tax accounting rules, non-compliance with which may cause damage to your business.
Monthly reports on your activities with comments.
Monitoring your activities for timely tax procedures.
We ensure confidentiality of data.
High discipline of primary accounting.
Full range of services for running a business in the UAE
In the market since 2016
More than 15 experts on staff
Branches in Moscow and Dubai

What is included
in the tax support service?

on CIT & VAT
Our experts will undertake tax planning advice for your CIT & VAT tax activities, as well as a description of the tax consequences and tax risks:

  • Tax planning and business implications of CIT tax
  • Tax planning and business implications of VAT tax
  • Reconstructing accounting for tax accounting purposes
  • Tax scenario building
  • Identification and management of tax risks
Consulting in the field of international taxation
Our specialists will advise you on international tax planning and structuring:

  • Formation of international tax scenarios
  • Assessment of tax consequences in international scenarios
Corporate Income Tax registration and declaration
  • Carry out timely taxpayer registration under CIT
  • Determine the tax banding of your business to apply CIT tax rates
  • Timely and correctly calculate tax and submit tax returns
VAT registration.
VAT declaration
  • Carry out timely VAT registration or exemption from registration
  • Timely and correctly calculate taxes and submit tax declarations
  • Identification and assessment of tax risks in international transactions
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax structuring
Obtaining tax residency certificates
We will prepare an application and obtain a UAE tax residency certificate for the purpose of avoiding double international taxation.
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