Customizing IT Solutions to Align with Your Business Goals in the UAE

  • Business processes
  • Accurate accounting
  • Separate accounting for CIT and VAT purposes
IT systems we support
Due to the introduction of Corporate Tax in the UAE and the variety of its rates, UAE companies may apply several profit tax rates in their accounting, as well as comply with rules (demanimise), and, of course, the accounting system must fully provide and comply with new tax accounting rules.
Over 15 years of expertise in these fields.
Consultant and Methodologist in International Tax Planning, International Financial Reporting, and International Business Structuring.
Elena Varyukhina, CEO
A crucial decision for medium-sized businesses will be to timely ensure correct setup and reflection of operations in the IT product.

Our company will provide expert setup and consultation on the application of IT products to reflect your business processes, as well as the formation of accounting registers for financial and tax accounting purposes.
By contacting Eagle Eye Accountancy & Bookkeeping, you will receive expert support in the automation of business processes, methodological consultation on financial and tax accounting, as well as reliable approaches to automating accounting systems.

Why Choose Us?

Quality service guarantee
Experience in automating accounting systems since 2011
Deep methodological and regulatory knowledge
We offer only reliable solutions
We will not overlook significant accounting rules, non-compliance with which could harm your business
High confidentiality and discipline in task resolution
Full range of services for running a business in the UAE
In the market since 2016
More than 15 experts on staff
Branches in Moscow and Dubai

What's included in the service

Automation from scratch
Suitable if you need:
  1. Writing technical specifications
  2. IT system setup
  3. Publication of work results
  4. Work submission
  5. Consultations as needed
Ready-made solution
Suitable for typical solutions, separate accounting for profit tax rates of 0% and 9%
  1. Consultation with the client (free — 1 hour), we explain our solution
  2. IT system setup
  3. Publication of work results
  4. Work submission
  5. Consultations as needed
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